Monday, April 26, 2010

Birdhouse Tutorial

Here's a little birdhouse that I created. Thought I would share the tutorial on how I created it. Hope you enjoy!

What you will need:
(1) 11-½"x6" piece of CS
(4) pieces of 2-½"x2-¾" DSP (Designer Paper)
(1) 6"x3-½" piece of CS (for roof)
(10) pieces of 3-⅝"x1-¼" CS (roof tiles)
(1) 3-⅝"x2-½" CS (roof top tile)
(1) 3-½"x3-½" CS (base)
Sticky Strip or Score Tape
Punch (for door)
Ribbon approx. 10"

Okey dokey...take your 11-½"x6" piece of CS and score it at: 2-¾", 5-½", 8-¼ & 11" along the 11-½ side:

Now turn and score on the 6" side at: ½" & 3-½"

Turn back to 11" side, using a pencil, mark at: 1-⅜" & 6-⅞"

Take a ruler and score from the pencil mark to the score line below at an angle and then repeat to the other side (this creates a triangle).

Cut off tabs without trianlges. Your CS should look like the following now:

Using your punch, punch out a little door on the first panel:

Fold on score lines and place Sticky Strip on sides indicated:

Take your (4) pieces of DSP and punch one of them out with punch. Apply to all four sides of birdhouse:

Remove Sticky Strip on side only (leave the bottom on) and put together:


Take your 6"x3-½" piece of CS, (10) pieces of 3-⅝"x1-¼" CS and (1) 3-⅝"x2-½" CS. Punch out the roof tiles on one side only. Punch out both sides of the top piece (3-⅝"x2-½"):

Adhere one tile at a time to one side of the 6"x3-½" piece of CS to create roof:

Repeat on opposite and top off with (1) 3-⅝"x2-½" CS:

Fold in half and Crop-a-Dile a hole through it:

Pull ribbon through and tie in knot:

Place Sticky Strip on places indicated on Birdhouse base:

Adhere the roof to the birdhouse base:

Now attach your birdhouse to the 3-1/2"x 3-1/2" cs base.

There you go, a little birdhouse to keep or give to someone. Hope this tutorial was helpful and would love to hear comments/suggestions on it! Aloha!


Unknown said...

TFS the tutorial - good idea to use the tag punch for the opening. I think I'll try it with the milk carton die and make some modifications and see if it comes out as cute as yours.

Denise said...

OMGosh, CUTE,CUTE,CUTE!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Love the tag punch for the door way.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the tutorial, but I think I would just rather you make mines instead...LOL! What a great idea!

Sparkplug17 said...

This is such a darling creation! Thanks for sharing how to make it.

Shirley N said...

You sure are creative, great idea using that punch for the door. So very cute, great tutorial!!!

Joy said...

okie dokie...this is totally awesome but retarded! love that its so cute...but it's too damn hard for me! lol! so many things to do...I am overwhelmed! when do you come up with these kinds of things? when you are sleeping? I wish ideas would pop into my head! well, should be fun tomorrow. I may want to grab something to eat before we play. I haven't had time out for myself in a while...well like shopping w/o my baby! should be fun! can't wait! TTYL!

Cyndi said...

very nice birdhouse! thanks for sharing your tutorial!

Unknown said...

Super cute project Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. Big hugs :)

1LuvnMama said...

OMGosh! How the heck? Hey, you should've played in my challenge with this 3D project! :) Luv the detailed tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Hi there~
That is some gorgeous bird house!
What great imagination you came up with? I will have to invest in that tag punch so I can try to make this birdhouse. I love my birds got 6 cockatiels and 2 parakeets.
lol ~ shirl

ShaniKulani said...

love the tutorial! too cute :)

Colleen said...

What a cute house. I especially like the fancy roof. :) Thanks for the tutorial.

Unknown said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for Sharing!!

Islander Girl said...

OMG, thanks so much for the tutorial! I can't wait to try this1 You are uber talented!!!!

Cami said...

How cute is this, Michelle!!! EXCELLENT TUTORIAL! Great pics and instructions! I love birdhouses, especially for Christmas and will definitely try this out! You are a creative genius, Michelle! I don't know how you figure things out but you always do and thanks so much for sharing your talent and creativity. I wish I could craft with you more often so I can learn! Hugs, Cami

☼ Cheryl* said...

That is so cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial :)

Jodi said...

Oh Michelle! This is just too cute!! I love this and hope to create one soon! What a wonderful idea and great tutorial!
Jodi =)

Cathy Y. said...

Wow, what a cute birdhouse you made! That is very creative and thanks for sharing your tutorial w/us. Good job!

Cheryl said...

That's super cute Michelle! Very creative use of that tag punch too.

joni h said...

these are so cute! and you share a tutorial too! you are the best! have a great day!

Marisa said...

Super cute! Great project Michelle! Thanks for the tutorial & thanks for visiting my blog! :)

cabio's craft corner said...

That's too cute Michelle, thanks for the tutorial and I am going to try them soon :o)

Teri said...

Such a cute birdhouse! Thanks for the tutorial!