Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello Kitty Cup Holder Tutorial

I figured out how to make one of these cute cup holders and thought I would share the tutorial to all of my fellow bloggers out there. Let me know if this is confusing.

What you will need:

2 pieces of 11"x4" cardstock
2 pieces of 11"x3½" cardstock (same color as above)
corner rounder
sticky tape or two-sided tape

Take the two 11"x4" pieces of cs and score at 3" (both pieces)

Corner round the longer side, the shorter side will be the bottom. Put these pieces to the side.

Take the two 11x3½ pieces and score at ½" and 3½ then flip and do the same to the other side.

Score the entire length of both pieces at ½".

Fold at all the creases.

Now cut at each fold in a using a triangle-like cut as pictured below (this will make the bottom look better, you will see later on).

Your two pieces should look like this. Put these two to the side.

Take your first two pieces (11"x4") and punch out the handles using your oval punch. My oval punch wont punch through the two pieces of cs, so I had to do one at a time. This should be done to the end with the rounded corners. Attach the two pieces together back to back with the 3" flaps sticking out.

Your two pieces should look like this.

Take your two 11"x3½ pieces and put two-way tape on the end creases.

Attach to the 11"x4" piece. Repeat on the other side to form the box.

Should look like this. Repeat on the other side.

Using two-way tape, attach all the bottom scored edges to form the box. Repeat on the other side.

The bottom should resemble this on both sides.

There you go! Here is the cup holder.

I bought these coffee cups with tops at Longs and I filled them with snowman soup ingredients (Hot Cocoa, Kisses, Peppermint Balls, and marshmallows).

I put a Hello Kitty head on the front and wrapped it in cellophane and will be giving this to my BFF, Joy, as a little rak. Let me know if any of this is confusing and I would love to see what you come up with. Have a wonderful week!


JackieLou said...

I love this one... Where can I get the cups Michelle? Thanks for the goodies sistah.. I realy want to try this one thanks for sharing dahlin'......

Joy said...

CRAZY!! this is beautiful...but it seems like a lot of work for it! I just may have to try it though! what perfect timing for Christmas! I do love the colors and for whatever reason...HK makes everything more pretty =) thanks for the tutorial...will let you know if I do make one...maybe I will because we have our Christmas party at work tomorrow...I have to get those cups though! UGH!!! lol!

Denise said...

WOW O WOW O WOW!!! That is BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, Love the pink & of course Hello Kitty! I need to try that.....if I find time soon enough to give as a gift, that's a great idea.

Enjoli said...

Great tutorial Michelle! OMG! It is soooo cute! What a great idea! TFS! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tutorial, i will have to try this one out, think of the possibiities :)

Catherine said...

OMGoodnes, this is too cute. i love, love, love it.

Berenice said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing this tutorial :)

Cathy Y. said...

Really cute hello kitty cup holder! I went thru your tutorial and it looks easy to follow - I hope to try and make one.

charlotte said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Michelle. I've seen it on the net where someone was selling it.

Margie said...

Whoa! This is so cute! Thnx for sharing the tutorial ;) This would be perfect for my son's teachers! I'll have to give it a try!!!

Rina said...

Wow wee Michelle, this is soooooo cute. Great tutorial.

Teri said...

OMG! This is just too darn cute!! Looks difficult to make! Thanks for the tutorial on this, I'm want to try this!

Jodi said...

I love these!!! Super cute! Where did you get the cups?

Joy said...

thanks so much for my gift! I love it so much! it is so cute! thanks for hanging out with me at the craft fair. it was fun. call you later!

Curt in Carmel said...

This is simply amazing! What a very sweet project! This is a great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing! BTW, I have the pic of your sweet RAK on my blog post and a comment about you, your daughter, and your blog! Best, Curt

Islander Girl said...

OMG wow, this is just too adorable!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

Jen said...

oh yay!!! you figured it out, girl!!! u da bomb!!! did an awesome job on it. Ok, I hope I have time to try it and give to the uncles n' aunties in my family. What a cute sweet treat!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so awesome for sharing this with us. Thank you so much! I have a friend that could use some 'kindness in a cup':) Love it!

Jen said...

Hi Luv, thanks for this tutorial. I had an awesome time creating it, and it was so easy to do, they came in handy this past Christmas for presents to my Uncle n' Aunty, and I've finally posted them today:

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

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msoler said...

I know it has been a couple of years since your tutorial, but I just came across it and love, love, love it and immediately made one and love how it turned out and how easy it was. Can't wait to start giving these away at Christmas

Lolis said...

I love your project. I'm trying it right now. TFS. I just became your newest follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

Anonymous said...

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