Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rak from Joy D.

Joy over at Tamiko's sent me the cutest rak ever! Thank you so much Joy, you know what a Hello Kitty freak I am, lol!

Cute little flower card

Adorable little note pad and pen (note to self "won't let anyone use this, will have to put in glass case,lol")

Box of HK cards, I told Joy that I can't get myself to open it because I am afraid to mess up the bow, lol.

Some dew drops and flowers! Thank you so much Joy, I love all my goodies!


Teri said...

Isn't Joy the sweetest?? Tagged you Michelle! Check out the details on my blog! xoxo

Joy said...

You're welcome Michelle! I'm just so glad that I made *new* friends that have the same *sickness* as me! :) Thank you for being a great friend and a daily inspiration!! :)

Curt in Carmel said...

Hey there! I'm back! LOL So glad that so many folks send you such cool stuff! You are so deserving and as sweet as can be! Wishing you the best of new years! Curt

Jodi said...

How sweet of Joy! You deserve it girl! =)

Jodi said...

Forgot to tell you,I have something on my blog for you. =)