Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovely raks from some lovely ladies!

Got to hang out with two of my gfs this weekend and they both surprised me with these awesome goodies!

Enjoli made me one of her adorable HK jars! I was so excited to get it! She had made Joy one and I kept saying that I was going to go over there and steal hers, lol. Now I don't have too, lol!

Back view:

Goodies stashed inside:

Thanks Enjoli for these wonderful raks! You are too sweet!

I got these Valentines goodies from Mama! She made me one of her desk top organizers! Isn't it the cutest! Thanks for thinking of me Mama!

Side view:

Back view:


Joy said...

just love those two! where they find the time to make all these wonderful creations is beyond me! thank you Enjoli for making one for Michelle, so now she won't steal mine! lol! love the box you got from 1luvnmama! she is so creative...always coming up with something new! can't wait till thursday! did we decide where we are eating?

Islander Girl said...

Ooooh you're one lucky mama!!! Great RAKs!!! Hope to hang with you guys soon!!!

1LuvnMama said...

It was great to see you too Michelle! Boy, "H" was such a grump yeah! She cried all the way home and went straight to bed!
You're so deserving of these RAKS . . . you are the sweetest!

Cyndi said...

very nice RAKs!

Janis said...

Love your RAKs Michelle! Totally cute!

joni h said...

love the jar! guess we can't take it cuz' it has your name on it! both RAK are great! so deserving are you!

Berenice said...

Super nice RAKs! TFS :)

Jodi said...

These are wonderful RAKs and you are so very deserving of them!!
Jodi =)

Enjoli said...

Hi Michelle! I'm so happy you like the jar. My hubby helped me make it so I can't take all the credit. lol! It was so nice to see you! Thanks again for coming to the party. Hugs, Enjoli