Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March CPC Sneak Peak and some lovely raks to share...

Here is a sneak peak at two great projects for March on CPC. The first one is made by the lovely and talented Zeva.

This whimsical and adorable tiara is made by the talented Naoko.

I wanted to share some braks and raks that I received too.

This is all the way from the UK! Claire sent me this as a part of Jen's Birthday Rak club. Love it!

Punching Queen, Brenda, gave me this bundle of Hello Kitty stuff as a brak! Thanks Brenda! What ever makes you think I like Hello Kitty? ;0)

This lovely vrak was sent by Colleen! Thanks Colleen for always thinking of me!

My gf, Claudette, sent this adorable set to thank me for her brak. Isn't that funny! Thanks Claudette!

Please remember, for the entire month of March, I will be giving away candy! Check back with me in a few!


Islander Girl said...

Oh those are two great projects! Hmm, is it too late to join????

Oooh, I love your RAKs!!! What great goodies! Hope you didn't have the stamp I sent you...I'm always so worried about buying anything crafty for you guys cause I know you guys have mostly everything! hahaha!

Thank you again for my brak! I love it!!! Have a great day my friend!!!

Jodi said...

Whoo hoo! These are all great RAKs that you received! Wonderful projects too!!
Jodi =)

Cyndi said...

very nice RAKs and love the projects for CPC! Happy belated birthday!

joni h said...

hey, wait a minute! I thought your bday wasn't until later this month! oh, no! did I miss it?! ack!
love those projects and the BRAK you got are so great! I'd better get my okole in gear! I swear, I'll miss my own funeral!

Joy said...

cute stuff. love all the creations and I don't know how you ladies keep it coming, but please do! haha! love all your RAKS too! so many lovely and sweet ladies we have met since this blogging world...I think this is the best thing we decided to do together =) so bummed we lost last night, but I guess we all figured that when we played no hope so I think if we change our thinking that we can win, then we might actually do so, what ya think? any whoo...see ya on Sunday! be nice to me okay! lol!