Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some lovely braks to share!

Just wanted to share some of the awesome braks that I received. I am so blessed to have met all of these wonderful people out in blog land!

This lovely brak was sent by my gf, Mama! She is so amazing and I saw the deets to this little box/book on her blog. Just amazing!

Look what was inside! Filled to the brim with these awesome goodies! Thanks Mama!

This beautiful card was made by my bff, Joy, and signed by everyone on our coed soccer team! You have to see it in person! It is all sparkly and gorgeous!

These lovely goodies were sent to me by my gf, Claudette!

Look at how adorable that Hello Kitty tote is! In my favorite color combo too!

Look at all the goodies inside! I just love it! Thanks Claudie!

These goodies were sent to me by my gf, Colleen! Can you believe that I don't have this hk die, I know crazy! Thanks Colleen for always thinking of me!


Jo said...

Great BRAKS Michelle, you are definitely blessed with great friends!!! WHAT?!# Someone actually found a Hello Kitty Die that you don't own yet? LOL!!! Hope you had an awesome Birthday.

1LuvnMama said...

Awww Michelle!
Look at all your goodies to play around with! I'm hoping to see many, many creations in the next week . . . hee, hee!

Joy said...

love all your BRAKs! you totally deserve to be pampered for your birthday! so glad I got to spend it with you at the soccer field, lol! sorry about the would think the guys would have more class, but I guess not! they don't have a clue when it comes to the "shhh" part! hope you had a wonderful dinner...if that's what you did with your Al... =) I will see you soon! can't wait!

Brenda said...

That is some wonderful braks! You totally deserve them all! Have fun playing around with them!

Islander Girl said...

Oooh Super cute RAKs...what a lucky duck you are!! You definitely deserve it all!!! You're such a sweet person. Hoping you had an awesome birthday!!

Lissa said...

Wow, you lucky duck!!! Awesome BRAKS!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to a very sweet person. Love all the beautiful raks. You are LOVED by us all.

Cyndi said...

what nice braks! happy belated birthday! you deserve it!

princesses said...

those are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teri said...

Awesome braks for such a great friend to all...sorry mine is late, we will see you tomorrow!!