Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I received a couple of awards that I wanted to share with everyone and to pass on to some deserving individuals.

The first is from my BFF, Joy, who is the most wonderful friend in the world. She is truly one of the most caring and sharing people that I know. I am lucky and blessed to have her as my friend. She awarded my this cute award that I must pass on to five more recipients. many deserving little time, lol. Okay enough with my dramatics, here are the 5 wonderful bloggers:

1. Rina at Heartfelt Stamping for being such a sweet and inspirational person. She awarded me below with two awards as well. You deserve it Rina!

2. Maria at Aloha and Mabuhay She is a local girl living in the mainland, but still carries her aloha spirit strong! She does wonderful cards and inspires me daily!

3. Denise at Denise Loves Stamps. Another local girl with beautiful cards and creations.

4. Teri at Big Ideas from a Little Girl. Who always has the most wonderful projects on her blog. She is one of the reasons why Joy and I started our blogs in the first place, and she is the nicest person ever!

5. Enjoli at Stamping Under the Sun Who is a fellow SU group member and whom I have recently got to meet in person! She always thinks of others and has such a warm heart. Her creations are awesome too!

These two awards were given to me by Rina at Heartfelt Stamping. I found her blog via Joy's blog, and she is the nicest and sweetest person ever! She has such wonderful ideas, so if you haven't had the opportunity to stop by her blog, please do! Thank you Rina for thinking about me, I am so honored!

The rules are:
1). Display the award on your site.
2). Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3). Give the award to 8 more people.
4). Notify them of receiving the award.
5). Advise them to pick it up at your site.

So here are some more deserving people:

1. Joy (my bff)
2. Enjoli
3. Teri
4. Jodi
5. Jen
6. Cheryl
7. Catherine
8. Joy

Let me tell you that there are tons of other people out there that I think should be on this list too! Thanks everyone for inspiring me daily! Aloha and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Enjoli said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for the awards! I am so honored! =) And thank you soooo much for the goodies you sent me! I love it! I just received it in the mail. You are the most sweetest person ever! =)

Katie Renz said...

My, you are the award Queen :) You are quite deserving! Have a great Holiday weekend!

Rina said...

Oh weren't kidding when you said "We have similar taste in blogging sisters". Your list looks semi like mine (hee,hee).

You're very welcome for the awards. You are well deserving of it. By the way...thank you for mine. I am very, very honored. Haven't received this one yet. I have to be more creative and think of some sisters that are just as deserving and...aren't a part of our two's list (lol). There are many, so here I go...