Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank You!

Just wanted to share some of my birthday goodies with you all! I can't believe that I am 25 (again), lol!

The first one is from my bff, Joy. She is so thoughtful and never forgets all my favorite things. Look at this adorable Miss Anya card. The girl in purple is her and there I am in pink, lol. I can't believe that The Greeting Farm totally took our likeness and captured them into these two stamps, lol. I don't care what you think Joy, I love it!

She gave me a Hello Kitty planner (because my old planner looks really, really sad)

She made me this little purse and inside was stamp pad and a gift certificate to J's (OMG). She also gave me all of this DS paper that has cupcakes and pink all over it! Lets see....a 12x12 paper holder, metallic pens, HK watch, Sizzix Box with tabs and much more....I know, she spoils me! Thanks Joy!

My wonderful friend Maria took me out on Saturday for lunch and gave me these beautiful flowers that she made! Aren't they beautiful!

She made them with some sort of Japanese clay, just gorgeous!

She also made me a birthday card with a picture of my future baby daddy (David Beckham) inside and this cd gift card holder.

My upline and gf Jacque gave me this wonderful card and one of the very coveted SU bags from convention! I had wanted one, but all the ladies who went didn't have any left. Jacque saved one just for me, isn't she so sweet!

She also knows about my Hello Kitty problem and had these goodies inside of the bag, love it!

My super sweet friend, Teri, gave me the cutest Hello Kitty Easter box that she made and a new HK Easter die. Thank you Teri for always thinking of me!

Denise sent me this cute canister filled with yummy chocolate! Thanks Denise for always thinking of me!

I also wanted to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes and for always thinking of me. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Have a wonderful week!


Jodi said...

These are great birthday gifts and you deserve them all!! Happy belated Birthday!! How nice to be 29 again!! LOL!! =)
Jodi =)

Islander Girl said...

Awww, I didn't know it was your birthday until today!!! When was the happy day? Anyhow, I want to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are bless to have so many wonderful friends!!! Hope you had/have a great birthday and many more to come!!


Berenice said...

I found out it was your birthday reading Joy's blog. I made a card for you, it's on my blog. I'll send it to you soon.
Happy Belated birthday!!!
Felicidades :)


jennyv said...

Wow wonderful birthday gifts, great to have friends that loves you. Hope you enjoy your day!


Tammy said...

What super sweet friends to you.
You have got the HK going on girl!
I didn't know it was your birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I hope you had a fantastic day!

Tammy said...

What super sweet friends to you.
You have got the HK going on girl!
I didn't know it was your birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I hope you had a fantastic day!

marisa said...

Hi Michelle! I just found out on Berenice's blog that it was your birthday! I have a card on its way out to you soon!! :)

~amy~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! You received tons of FUN things!!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!! You sure had tons of birthday gifts from a bunch of nice ladies!

Enjoli said...

These are all such sweet birthday gifts!! You deserve all of it. Happy Belated Birthday. =)

Anthonette said...

Hi Michelle, happy belated birthday!!! Aloha!

Joy said...

holy cow! you got lots of stuff! you must really have a great BFF!!! LMAO!!! you truly deserve it all... you are too sweet and kind to everyone and everyone wants to treat you to something great! birthday RAKS are the best! glad you enjoyed your day! glad you finally "broke the seal" by scoring a goal last night! HAHAHA! see ya tomorrow!