Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Toy

Okay I am not being paid by Martha Stewart, but I was at Walmart today and I found the coolest new toy! They just started carrying the MS brand here in Hawaii. Anyhoo, I was wandering through the scrapbooking section and found this Circle Cutter.

Its awesome, it works on a lazy susan type mechanism. Their are 3 blades that can fit into the handle of the cutter. You can make circles from 1" to 5 1/2", and at 1/16th increments. The blade is double sided so you can twist clockwise or counter. Cool, yeah. I have used the Coluzzle and the CM cutting systems, but this one is pretty cool, and it fits in my tool bag.

Got some scratch paper out and was fooling around with it. The system is pretty smooth. Wanted to try it out before buying it for gifts and stuff. Hope this was helpful!


JackieLou said...

aw Michelle Looks fun to use. Maybe I'll check it out...hehehe.

BJ Smith said...

I went to try and find this but I couldn't. I will be so bummed to find out that you can only get it over there.