Monday, September 15, 2008

Nugget Tin for Joy

After my Build-a-Brad earring class, I had the left over little box. I thought, wouldn't this make the cutest little nugget box. So I decided to make Joy (my BFF) a little nugget box out of Urban Garden (I think my new favorite) and Eastern Blooms. I wish I had more of these little boxes to make some for Christmas. If anyone knows where you can get these (either in Hawaii or online) please let me know.

A peek inside:

Enjoy and aloha!


Ethan Mashimo said...

too cute. i wouldn't want to eat the chocolate since its soooo cute!


Enjoli Bennett said...

Very beautiful! =) TFS! I'm definitely going to have to CASE this.

Fay said...

Wonderful idea...thanks for sharing!