Thursday, September 18, 2008

Submission for LCWC #9

Here is my submission for Jen's weekly challenge at her blog Pieces of Me

My sister's birthday is next month, so I thought Jen's challenge would be great for her bd card. She loves Dragonflies and this Whipper Snapper stamp is just the cutest! Enjoy and aloha!


Joy said...

what a cute it...I probably should have stamped instead, but I finally got to download those designs from the well I just wanted to create something... haha!

Joy said...

go check out chic n' scratch... she has a kit kat tutorial...maybe a good idea for halloween...if the kit kats are not too expensive and the work is not too much to do =)

Joy said...

you've been tagged...go check out my blog...and this time you know what to do =)

J-Yo! said...

Hey Michelle,

I LOVE IT!! Very cute n' sweet!!! Thanks for playing!!!


De said...

I love your card! Congrats on winning LCWC#9!