Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My BFF, Joy, surprised me with this cute little card and these goodies yesterday! We play soccer together and she gave them to me before the game.

Cute little card!

Adorable mermaid bag stuffed with goodies!

Adorable Whipper Snapper stamp entitled "A Hug for Ike"

and my favorite.....

The "Mini Mermaid" from Whipper Snapper! Joy and I had been eyeballing this one at Whipper Snapper Designs for a couple of months,but never ordered it. I was hoping that we could find it elsewhere, but she surprised my with it! Isn't she the best! Thanks Joy!


Joy said...

TOO FUNNY! I think we ended up posting this at the same time... but because I had a draft saved until I was ready to post, it came up that I did it on Sunday. oh wells...I'm so glad you liked your stamps...we truly think alike... especially if we went home and stamped and colored...lol!

Sally said...

Love your cards and ideas. I have just found your blog and have been doing a little browsing. Will save it to my favorites so i can have a real look-see when i have a litte more time. So far I'm lovin it!

Valerie said...

Very cute cards and what a sweet gift

Denise said...

Lucky You, those are so cute!