Friday, August 29, 2008

Gift from Hyon

So as some of you know, I teach Taekwondo and Women's Kickboxing. Hyon (who is in my Pacific Stampers Group and the sweetest person ever) signed her son up and gave me the cutest thank you gift! She made this oragami box with my favorite colors!

Inside were some yummy chocolates and a key finder in pink and brown from Cinnamon Girl (local boutique for you ladies who are not from Hawaii). I was so shocked! What a sweet gesture! She really is the sweetest person and I am so thankful.

FYI, I have some family in-town this weekend and will be out doing the tourist thing, probably won't post until after they leave (Tuesday). Everyone have a wonderful weekend and Labor Day!

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charlotte said...

Wow - love the origami box from Hyon - so thoughtful of her - and to include chocolates too!