Monday, August 11, 2008

RAK from Joy and my thank you card to her

Sorry, it has been a couple of days since my last post, I had a pretty busy weekend and my washing machine broke (for the second time in a year) and it is only 4 years old. So I had to bug my good friend Maria all day today to do laundry at her house.

Her is a RAK that I received from my BFF Joy.......isn't it awesome!

Joy (my BFF) and I went to the Stamp Expo this weekend and she gave me my little goodie bag. She is the best!

It was also filled with all of these goodies. Yikes, it felt like it was my birthday!

So I decided to use my Bella Rose paper and make her this thank you card. She also gave me the clings that I used on the card. They are so cute! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


charlotte said...

Great RAK - I'm a Hello Kitty fan - was that HK tissue and a pen - so cute. Love that designer bag and the so cute bear tag. Nice to have a friend like Joy.

Jen Young said...

Tooo cute!! BFF's are the greatest!!!

Hugs to you both,