Monday, August 4, 2008

New RAK from Joy and a Card for my friend Maria's Birthday

My BFF, Joy, is always making the best RAKs ever! Out of all the RAKs she has ever given me, I think this one takes the cake. It has to be my absolute favorite! She even used shrink plastic to make a Whipper Snapper dragonfly on my card. I just love this card and had to share with everyone. We kind of have this RAking each other problem, lol. I think we love creating new cards and stuff and know that each other would love to get them. Like I have said before, we may have been separated at birth, lol. If you don't know Joy, she is the best! She is the most generous person that I know. Very caring heart and a true friend, thanks Joy!

I got my inspiration for this card out of the August/September issue of Paper Crafts Magazine. My good friend Maria commented on how much she liked the card in the issue, so I cased it for her card. I hope she doesn't see this before she gets it....

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Joy said...

too cute! I am at work, if you can believe it...haha! I love that card too...I love how you made Maria's card...she's so lucky to have you as her friend! Me too of course!